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Your app is doing great, but when’s the last time someone took a look at the backend that powers it?

Your iOS or Android app is doing great—new users are downloading it every day, and you’re churning out updates to add new features and fix bugs. But you’re worried. Worried because your app is built on an API that you didn’t build, and you may not even be sure how it works.

  • “Where’s all the data stored? Are there backups?”
  • “What happens if Apple features us, and we suddenly have an influx of users? Will it scale?”
  • “How will I fix it when something goes wrong?”

Maybe your servers have been having lots of downtime recently, or you’ve noticed that API responses are too slow. Whatever it is, it’s a liability for your app’s success, and it’s not one you’re currently equipped to handle.

You just want your backend taken care of.

Rather than worrying about it every day, you want to know your app’s backend is up to date with the latest security patches and updates, and that important tasks like backups are actually happening. No more sleepless nights wondering how you’ll deal with a sudden onslaught of traffic. And, if something does break, you want to know exactly who to call.

Introducing the Mobile Backend Audit.

Depending on its complexity, we’ll take a day or two to comb through your backend infrastructure, making recommendations on what needs to be upgraded, and what can stay as is. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complimentary initial phone consultation: We’ll spend 20-30 minutes discussing your app and your goals, to make sure we’re a mutual fit for each other.
  2. Business goal review: Before we even start looking at everything, we’ll make sure to take time to understand your business goals. Why is this app important to you? What are its most important features? What concerns do you have? By clearly understanding your underlying business needs, we can best focus our technical review of the app.
  3. Backend code review: We’ll comb through your backend’s code and features, taking note of anything that needs to be upgraded, and what can stay as is. Security holes, usability issues, performance tweaks, and anything else that’s important to your business: we’ll look at it all.
  4. Hosting environment review: Your app is more than code. In addition to looking at the code itself, we’ll also look into your hosting provider. Whether you’re on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Heroku, or another provider, we’ll make sure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your hosting company. If there are any red flags, we’ll be sure to let you know: whether it’s insufficient processing power, lack of backups, or something else.
  5. Recommendations report: Once we complete our full review, we will create a detailed recommendations report on your app. We’ll cover everything we looked into, and let you know about issues we found, and how important they are for you to fix. This report is yours to keep, whether you want to hand it off to your internal development team for them to act on, or if you want us to take care of the issues.
  6. (optional) Ongoing monitoring, support, and development: Depending on your needs, we’ll create a proposal for ongoing support for your app. Whether you just need someone to make sure everything stays up and running, or if you have a list of features you want to get implemented, we’ll make sure to design a plan that’s right for you.

Our Mobile Backend Audit starts at $1500, depending on the complexity of your app. Before our initial call, we’ll send you a questionnaire, to help us determine the size and scope of your project.

Let’s get started today.

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“Anyone that’s had production app server problems knows the stress and potentially catastrophic effects they can create. We sleep better at night knowing that 3e8 is monitoring our app and has the knowledge and temperament to fix problems at the infrastructure or application levels in emergency situations. They are recommended without reservation.


Andy Ross
Space Inch

Yes, but…

I’m not a developer, and I don’t know much about how my app works. Can you still help?
Of course! We’re here so you don’t have to know the nitty-gritty details of your app. You’re focused on your business, and we’ll focus on your app. There’s no requirement that you be a technical whiz.

I just need some new features done on my app.
No problem! We’d love to help you out. By doing an audit first, we’ll be best prepared to help you going forward. The audit allows us to get a complete understanding of your app, so we know what we’re starting with.

I already have a development team, why would I need you?
We love working with existing teams! While your team could audit the app themselves, we’ve found that an outside perspective can be really helpful. Since we’re unfamiliar with your backend, we’ll unearth things that your team might not notice. Also, backend and frontend mobile development can be very different: since we are experts in backend infrastructure, we can bring knowledge that your team might be lacking.

I still have questions!
No problem! Send Kyle an email, and he’ll get right back to you: kyle@3e8.io.

“Keep The Report” money back guarantee

We stand by our audits, and if you’re unsatisfied for any reason, let us know within 30 days. We’ll refund your payment in full, no questions asked, and you can even keep the comprehensive report.

Who is 3e8?

3e8 is a software agency, focused on worry-free mobile backend development and support. We strongly believe that you should be focusing on your mobile app, not on the infrastructure that powers it. With our many years of experience, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing we’ve got it covered, leaving you free to focus on what’s most important.

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