Stop worrying about your app’s backend

We'll handle the infrastructure, so you can focus on your app.

"Anyone that’s had production app server problems knows the stress and potentially catastrophic effects they can create. We sleep better at night knowing that 3e8 is monitoring our app and has the knowledge and temperament to fix problems at the infrastructure or application levels in emergency situations.

"Since partnering with 3e8 we have not had a significant production outage. Even better, they possess the expertise to produce top-quality application code. Many of our most complex features have been written by 3e8 and have performed exceptionally in production. They are recommended without reservation."

Andy Ross
Space Inch

Building an app is tough.

You've got a lot on your plate already: building an iOS or Android app is hard work. Not only do you have to make sure it looks good, works well, and doesn't crash, you have to keep crossing your fingers, hoping it will get through the app review process. It's a lot of stress. And that's not all: if you're like most apps today, you need some sort of backend component: whether it's cloud syncing, account management, or something else. Another thing you have to worry about!

You've looked at existing Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) providers, hoping to find a solution that doesn't require you to maintain another codebase and manage servers, but nothing quite fits your needs. Plus, you know that using a BaaS provider means lock-in: once your data is in their databases, it's going to be tough to migrate. Yet another headache.

What if you could get the convenience of a hands-off backend as a service, but with the control and flexibility of custom built infrastructre? Not only that, but what if it was designed in a way that effectively "futureproofed" your app, requiring fewer app store submissions and quicker updates to your users?

That's where we come in. We know mobile backends inside and out, and we can help you sleep better at night. We'll build and manage the whole thing: from writing the API spec, to monitoring the servers. You just build your app, and we'll make sure it has a powerful backend to talk to.

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